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This game contains sick and bizarre expressions

that some players may find offensive and may cause mental overload,

so please do not purchase if you are not comfortable with it.

★ Story ★

Sumire (the protagonist) is a girl who is always on social media."I want to make friends..." "I want to die..."
I was successfully caught by a fishing account that caught my eye there, and we ended up meeting in real life.

Several men come to the meeting place. They get kidnapped by the hotel!
In a pinch, she meets a woman.

Sumire can't believe her eyes for a moment because of the woman's appearance, but then she goes away.
With a broken heart, Sumire runs away like a rabbit, and when she gets home, she consults her "teacher" about her day's events.

Sumire decides to go to college with the help of the teacher.
The one who approached her was Nazuna, the woman who should have run away and left her behind.

To the unaccustomed interaction with an "ordinary girl,
They get closer and closer to each other, trying to get to know each other despite their tempers.

It's a heartfelt story about a clumsy otaku girl and a very nice girl.


★ Character ★


Sumire Ashiya (芦屋 菫)20 years old
2 years of university
Height: 156cm
Weight: 48kg
BWH measurements: B75/W55/H77

She is a college student who has trouble socializing and being heterosexual.


Unsure if she is gay or normal, she seeks online counseling.


Ashiya Sumire (古賀 なずな)21 years old
3 years of university
Height: 162cm
Weight: 50kg
BWH measurements: B86/W57/H84

She is a college student who looks exactly like the avatar of the nekama that the protagonist had a crush on.


She has a sociable personality and a wide face, and often shows up at various events.

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