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★ Story ★

"Are you the idol singing on stage?"

After the first live, Nobuyuki and Ai have a fateful encounter with the top idol, Nagisa Yuki.
Half a year later.
Due to Miwako's efforts, Nobuyuki and his colleagues will participate in the joint lesson of the well-established entertainment production "Uesugi Production".
While working with Nagisa through the joint lesson, it is decided that a festival of idols-DivaFes will be held ...

"What do you do? As an idol-what do you want to do?"
"I also participate-No, I want to challenge!"

DivaFes and Ai take on the challenge of taking the next step as an idol in the joint lesson.

★ Character ★


Nagisa Yukishiro
CV: Misaki Todo

Height: 158 cm
Weight: 44.8kg
BWH measurements: 81/58/83

An idol who belongs to Uesugi Productions.
A celebrity who has a high level of appearance, singing, acting, etc. and is recognized by the general public as the best-selling idol right now.
He has a cool and stoic personality.
Many idols have a longing and respect for Nagisa's attitude toward work.
Since there are few people who have always seen her smile, she is called "Yuki no Hana" by fans.
Since seeing Ai's first live, you have something to do?



Saya Nakajo
CV: Yuki Akashi

Height: 163cm
Weight: 53.1Kg
BWH measurements: 87/59/85

A woman who is a producer of Nagisa Nagisa.
Serious, energetic, and self-reliant, he has his own core and core.
Nagisa has been a new idol and a relationship with each other since he was a new producer.
Since they have grown up on a tripod, they trust each other and take a more delicate attitude toward Nagisa than others.

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